Guac-Lock. make it, save it , crave it. Uniquely designed to prevent browning
and keep your guacamole fresh.

The Perfect Guacamole Dish

  • Presses all the air out of the container
  • Prevents browning
  • Keeps your guacamole fresher longer
  • Perfect for storing in the fridge
  • Versatile device for serving
    a variety of dips
  • Great for entertaining
  • Push-up mechanism keeps
    container looking full

How it Works

Spoon fresh guacamole into container. Smooth the top for best results. Snap the lid into place and open the vent.

Push the container up until the guacamole reaches the vent.

Close the vent and place in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Convert Guac-Lock™ into a convenient and fun serving dish*.
*Attachment sold separately

Any Dip. Any Time.

...and more

The Guac-Lock™ will be available for purchase in late spring

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